The reason for this is simple – too many other bloggers have used these same lists. Most of these lists are so over used that there is little to no value to be had from them any longer. The competition for the listed keywords is just too great, making it nearly impossible to rank well with them in the popular search engines.

Instead of using someone else’s list of top paying keywords, try typing some of your own queries into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Depending on what you input and the time you are willing to spend searching, you could end up finding some great paying keywords with little to no competition in the search engines.

If you do find a set of keywords with a decent number of monthly searches but relatively low competition in the search engine, you are on the right track.

By using these keywords, instead of the ones that have been broadcast all over the Internet, you will have a much easier time ranking at the top of the search results and in return, have a greater chance at making some real money with an ad-serving program.

So, if you find yourself searching for your next blog topic within a top paying keywords list, stop! Do your own research, find your own high paying keywords, and reap the benefits of having much less competition in the search engines. Less competition means higher rankings, ranking higher means more hits, and having more hits means making more money.

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