Visual Effects & Design

Visual Effects & Design

There are many ways in which visual and graphic effects play a part in a successful website and internet marketing campaigns. At Web Brilliant, our visual effects team specializes in creative solutions for branding, marketing, advertising, online concept creation, and more. Below is just a small sample of the ways in which we can add some swagger to your online presence:

Flash Animation

Flash animation refers to a certain kind of movement and visual style and offers a high-impact way to provide interactivity for a website while maintaining visual interest. We deliver rich, high-impact Flash developments that bring websites to life and deliver your message with pizazz.

Flash is often used in header designs and promotional banners, as well as website intros, though the options are many.

Through the use of Flash development, we can set your organization apart from the competition by engaging your users and providing the ability to interact with your brand.

Your goals and visions combined with our technical expertise and performance result in a Flash-driven, user-friendly website that delivers the highest quality experience possible for your online visitor

Logo Design and Creation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a company or brand? The answer is easy, it’s their logo. Powerful logos that deliver strong branding lead to more clicks, better conversion rates, and ultimately higher sales.

Your logo distinguishes your business from others in your industry, and hence a truly unique and catchy logo can do wonders in developing brand loyalty. Effective branding begins with a well-conceived, properly designed logo.

The goal of the logo is to elicit a positive response to start the trust-building process that draws initial attention to your business and brand. Whether you are a new company looking for an initial logo design or an established company using a new logo design to re-brand your company, we will work to create a logo design that expresses what your company is all about.

In today’s digitally adaptive world, a logo will be formatted and re-formatted from large monitors to small handheld devices. Therefore, we can also provide various logo files in different sizes and shapes, so you can avoid the hassle of resizing your logo for different purposes.

To us, every client is unique. Therefore, we ensure that each logo design we create is unique, eye-catching, and designed according to the client’s requirements. We’ve created powerful logos for hundreds of business types and classifications, even those requiring special attention to detail in a particular nuance or subset of their industry.

Designing a good logo requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as an understanding of the consumer or target group. Therefore, the logo design process often involves several layers of back and forth with the client in order to ensure that the brand messaging is being delivered correctly.

We typically have discussions with our clients at various steps in the process on everything ranging from formulating the concept, doing an initial draft design, and deciding the theme colors and format involved.

Banner Ad Creation

A banner ad is a form of online advertising that entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic by linking to the website of the advertiser.

Web banners function the same way as traditional advertisements are intended to function: notifying consumers of the product or service and presenting reasons why the consumer should choose the product in question.

Web banners differ from traditional ads, however, in that the results for online advertising campaigns may be monitored in real-time and targeted to the viewer’s interests. We can also set up our lead tracking scrapers for all banner advertisements, providing you with intense knowledge about your site visitors.

To read more about the banner ads we create, how they link to other forms of online marketing, and how we can track these (and all of your other) leads, please visit the internet marketing box of our site.

Online Flyers

A flyer is a form of online advertisement intended for wide distribution and is typically posted in a spot that is expected to receive a lot of web traffic, and/or sent to an email-based mailing list. Online flyers are often used to promote a good or service, recruit members, or advertise an event occurring at a particular time. There are many advantages to using online flyers for marketing purposes:

Flyers are built to take advantage of the social web. You can share your flyers with one click, or invite your friends easily.
You can easily send online flyers to a pre-existing mailing list to remind people about events, promote new products or sales, or simply reach out to past or present customers with a weekly newsletter.

It’s easy to setup one-button Craigslist exporting.

If you send flyers to a mailing list, you can easily see who has read the email (and opened the flyer) versus who hasn’t. We can optimize your flyer to be found easily on search engines.

If you have a brick & mortar use for a flyer, it’s of course easy to print out any of our online flyers. We can setup analytics and professional tracking so that we can measure what is and is not working to make adjustments in the future.



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Let’s keep it a secret…

Before sharing your business information, website, and/or advertising strategy with us, we will send you our Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantees that your work materials, and even your identity as a client, will never be shared with a third party.


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