Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Web Brilliant wants to help you by making your website as functional as possible. One aspect of that functionality that many business owners don’t consider is that many websites are designed to display on a PC platform. PC monitors and laptop screens are wider than they are tall. In this way, they mimic the dimensions of a TV or movie screen.However, many users—perhaps even the majority these days—access websites via smartphones or tablets. The dimensions of the screens on those devices are much different from those of PC screens. Smartphone and tablet screens are also considerably smaller. This means that webpages meant to display on PC screens often don’t display well on those smaller devices. For this reasons, many smartphones and tablets have apps that shrink display pages to fit and alter or omit content so that the webpages are coherent.

Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t work very well. At best, you lose some functionality: drop- down menus are hidden or disabled; links won’t display properly; some landing page content becomes hidden. This is why many websites these days are providing a solution from their end: offering users the choice to switch from “conventional view” to “mobile view.” The website pages are reconfigured for optimal display on devices rather than on computer screens or monitors. You can see how valuable this is. Many studies have shown that your webpage has three seconds or less to grab the user’s attention. If your most compelling content isn’t visible or displays badly, then there goes that three seconds, and you’ve lost a potential customer. This can have a ripple effect that impacts your entire business. Yet, many operators of successful internet businesses aren’t even aware of this effect. They see sales dropping and they don’t even know why.

Maybe, though, you do realize the need to develop mobile-friendly webpages for your site. But can you do this yourself? Do you have the expertise? Do you have the knowledge? And most importantly—do you have the time? (If you own your own business, you probably don’t have time to grab a sandwich, let alone spend a week reconfiguring your website.)

This is (drum roll, please) where we come in. Web Brilliant can make your site mobile-user- friendly so that you don’t lose all those folks who have stumbled onto it and need to be “hooked.” We’ll set things up so that those folks are seamlessly offered the option between standard and mobile views. We’ll preserve the functionality that has made your website successful while at the same time, make it attractive to mobile device users.

What’s more, we’ll make your e-commerce functions optimal for those users. You might be surprised (or if you’re trying to fix it yourself, appalled) by just how much the different input mechanisms used by mobile devices affect website construction. In most cases, this is pretty arcane stuff. Reconfiguring your website isn’t the sort of thing you want to do yourself, unless you’re an expert. Even then, you might not have the time—and every day your website is incompatible with mobile device users, you’re losing money. Why not let us do that job for you?

We also perform full-service website development from square one—so talk to us today!



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