Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Here at Web Brilliant, we understand that at the core, each firm has one sole purpose–to make money. We know that we can apply our proprietary methods to improve your firm’s online marketing, and one of the quickest ways to gain a competitive edge is through PPC advertising (pay-per-click), which not only adds clients but also takes away clients from competing firms as well.Armed with professional website consultants and trained internet marketing specialists, coupled with high-powered search engine ranking tools, we have the knowledge and sophistication necessary to handle any internet marketing projects that we encounter.

We will leverage our extensive background in internet marketing and search engine theory in order to have exactly the right position in all of the appropriate keywords so that you can maximize the number of leads you can attract from each search query.

While many other online advertising firms are using their best estimates in order to make their decisions, Web Brilliant has developed its own search engine theoretical model for optimization of positioning, and we use such techniques as analyzing statistical data,  website validation, and various seo “check” techniques in order to accurately predict the number of clicks and leads by using certain types of ad words. On a keyword by keyword basis, we will be able to bid the optimal amount to be in the optimal position, which will make all of your leads profitable.

Furthermore, we have a strong background in both website development and internet marketing, along with our experience in knowing which common psychological biases influence the decision-making processes of the competition. This knowledge aids us in determining how your competition will act in any given situation. This, in turn, allows Web Brilliant to help you best respond to the actions of other businesses and maximize your profit margins more than our competitors will be able to do.

Most importantly, we have a specialized background in internet marketing and thus understand the nuances of running a firm on a day-to-day basis. We separate ourselves from the competition through our in-depth knowledge of the problems you and your business face, and we have a great advantage over other firms due to our expertise in website and online marketing techniques. We believe our methods, strategies, and knowledge set a new standard for marketing. Our goal is to make you money, whether it’s through optimizing your PPC campaign or another strategy, and we are the firm best equipped to handle all of your internet marketing needs.

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Let’s keep it a secret…

Before sharing your business information, website, and/or advertising strategy with us, we will send you our Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantees that your work materials, and even your identity as a client, will never be shared with a third party.

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